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Jewellery services and repairs

It’s important to care for your fine jewellery and custom designs, so at Boulevard Fine Jewellery we offer a range of jewellery services including repairs and cleaning.

What we offer

Cleaning and polishing

Regular wear of a jewellery makes it lose its luster and look dull. In order to maintain the everlasting beauty of a jewellery, it is necessary to get it professionally cleaned and polished every once in a while.

At Boulevard Fine Jewellery, we offer free cleaning, polishing and checking on all jewellery purchased at our store. Please Pop in at our store and speak to our jewellers to take advantage of this service.

Jewellery repairs and maintenance

Is your jewellery simply lying in a jewel box? Can’t wear it because it’s broken, damaged or not sized properly? Don’t worry! Bring it to our store.

With 3 expert jewellers, Boulevard Fine Jewellery is happy to help repair and maintain the quality of your precious jewellery. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Ring Re-sizing
  • Re Clawing
  • Rhodium Re-Plating
  • Stone Setting
  • Jeweller Polishing
  • Re-Threading
  • Custom Design Jewellery

Insurance claims

Jewellery is one of the most expensive as well as important purchases of one’s life and losing it can be quite heartbreaking.

We understand this which is why we, at Boulevard Fine Jewellery liaise with all insurance companies ensuring a prompt resolution for your claim for lost or damaged items.

Visit our store to know more.

Watch batteries and servicing

Regular servicing of your watch will help improve its performance and extend its lifetime. To ensure you’re always on time, let us assist with all your watch needs.

Whether it be a new battery or a complete service, the trained and experienced watch makers at Boulevard Fine Jewellery are always happy to help.

Have any queries?

Feel free to contact us and speak with one of our friendly staff members.