Diamond cluster ring trends and styles

diamond cluster ring

Diamond cluster ring trends and styles

The diamond cluster ring has been a ring style for many years. Whilst many love their engagement ring to be a simple but elegant (oval, square or solitaire shaped diamond), the cluster diamond is a style that can be made unique and personal to you and your individual style.

In this blog, we are going to share cluster ring trends and styles to give you inspiration for either an engagement ring or your next gorgeous piece to add to your collection.


What is a cluster ring?

Yellow gold cluster diamond ring

A diamond cluster ring is a group of diamonds clustered together on the ring, usually around a central stone:

  • The ring could either contain one larger stone with a cluster of smaller stones surrounding it
  • Or the ring could be made up of multiple smaller stones the same size
  • Or sometimes many different unique size diamonds.

There are many styles you could do with a cluster diamond ring which is what gives you the opportunity to have something like no other.

diamond cluster ring

Many of the cluster ring styles have evolved over time. The evolution of ring styles are:

  • Georgian Clusters (1714 – 1837)
  • Victorian Clusters (1837 – 1901)
  • Edwardian Clusters (1901 – 1910)
  • Art Deco Clusters (1913 – 1930)
  • Modern Clusters


As you can see, the types of cluster rings have evolved for many years but today’s moderns styles certainly still have some inspiration from previous vintage styles, only now, the types of metals used are much nicer with gold, silver and platinum being popular choices.


Modern Cluster Ring Styles

modern cluster diamond ring
The first type of modern cluster is similar to a halo style ring. This ring traditionally features a larger stone with smaller even stones surrounding it to make it appear larger.

You may find this style in oval, square and circle shapes and the stone types can vary depending on what you’re wanting. If you’re seeking an engagement ring, a diamond centered and surrounding diamond stones is a popular and beautiful choice.

For a more vintage inspired look, you can have a centred stone as a pearl, opal, and coloured stone with smaller surrounding diamonds.

Modern diamond cluster ring

The next popular style for modern cluster trends will tend to be made up of multiple stones that can feature various shapes, or stone types that can be uniquely made to form a beautifully shaped ring.

The styles are endless with this type of cluster! You could choose between some of the following:

  • Multiple diamonds in various sizes to form one unique shape
  • Have your birthstone with a mixture of smaller diamonds
  • Have an opal or pearl centred with smaller diamonds surrounding or vice versa
  • Add coloured stones
  • A smaller 3 or 2 stone cluster is also a great design if you want something a little more simple
  • You could even choose a diamond cluster that forms the look of a flower or even a heart for a sentimental gift.


You can go for any shape, size, colour and stone type to form the perfect unique cluster ring for you.

3 diamond cluster ring

Similarly, you can have a cluster that has all the same sized stones. A popular choice is the cluster with 3 equal sized diamonds across the ring. This style has been loved for many years and continues to be a gorgeous timeless piece for either engagement, cocktail or even just as a personal ring choice for everyday wear.

Another great reason to choose a diamond cluster ring is the price point. Choosing a cluster is generally made up of smaller diamonds, giving you a more cost effective option for what is still considered some of the most beautiful types of rings.

We hope this has given you the inspiration to either pick or design your next diamond cluster ring. Please feel free to contact us for more help on choosing the perfect design for you.

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